Gamah International Limited was incorporated and established in 1992, based in Toronto, and provides earth science and mining industry consulting services, project management, due diligence, expert witness, technical and economic evaluations, international metals research, information, environmental and other consulting services to clients on five continents. Contracting services include mapping and associated surveys and appraisals. The company provides advisory services to governments and international agencies on the mining industry interface with other economic sectors. Recently the company has been involved in extensive project management and due diligence activities in Mongolia. Prior international experience includes work in countries as diverse as Honduras, Indonesia, Mexico, Peru, the Philippines, Venezuela and Vietnam.


While the company provides professional services, it has also developed a database and publishing arm that prepares and markets publications based on specialized research, to specific market niche technical groups. This product line was developed to utilize the extensive databases accumulated from many client assignments. The databases group into minerals industry financing and expenditure information; resource production and reserves information and environmental research in the minerals industry.

Our main product -- MECO -- is our monthly report on mining and exploration company financings. More information can be found here.

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